There are lots of reasons for playing music – what’s yours?

Do you want to play music as a hobby? Or become a professional musician? Do you want to start a band? Or do you want to improve your enjoyment of music? Whatever your reason, our music lessons are as unique as your ambitions.

There are lots of reasons for playing music – what’s yours?

Do you want to play music as a hobby? Or become a professional musician? Do you want to start a band? Or do you want to improve your enjoyment of music? Whatever your reason, our music lessons are as unique as your ambitions.

The further we are apart, the more we are in this together.

We have introduced live online music lessons to enable you to continue doing what you love best. You are free to tailor secure online lessons to your liking. Pick your schedule. Find inspiring people. Continue your journey.

Music is a gift for life

Playing an instrument is good for your mental and physical health and personal development.

Playing music:

reduces stress and anxiety

stimulates your brain

improves your memory

cultivates creativity

develops patience and perseverance

builds your confidence

gives you a sense of achievement

boosts your social life

increases your self-discipline

improves time management skills

Finding the right teacher is

The real difference between a mediocre and an excellent teacher is that the latter makes learning a joy. Yet finding one can be tricky. There are so many teachers out there and you don’t know where to start searching. Your previous teacher wasn’t a good fit, or it was too difficult to make your schedules work. Now you’re tired of trying. We can help! Here you can find the best local music teachers in Switzerland! We currently cover Zurich, Bern, Basel, Winterthur, and Lucerne (more cities to follow).

What instrument suits you best?

Learning an instrument that you enjoy is crucial in helping to develop an interest in music. The earlier you start, the higher the chance you’ll discover a friend for life.

What instrument suits you best?

Learning an instrument that you enjoy is crucial in helping to develop an interest in music. The earlier one starts, the higher the chance to discover a friend for life.

Benefits for students


Find the teacher that suits your needs

The relationship with the teacher, their personality and teaching philosophy is crucial for a great teaching experience. With Matchspace you find your match.

Find your course

Whether you are a beginner, a re-starter or a virtuoso, or if you are looking for a specific style of music, find your course.

Maximum flexibility and choice for the best teaching experience

Whether at your home, in the studio or live-online, on which days or at which times, with Matchspace you decide.

Choose your schedule
and pace

You decide which dates and how many lessons fit into your schedule.

Services of Matchspace


Our teachers are qualified, committed and passionate

Matchspace checks all teachers and courses to ensure a high quality standard and trustworthiness.

Transparent, individual and secure

Matchspace offers full transparency in terms of teaching experiences, a personalised search to help you find the best course for you, and secure, automated payments

Your fun and progress is our goal

Feedback from your teacher on the last lesson, homework or access to sheet music in preparation for the next lesson can all be found on the platform to help you progress.

Easy and secure to use

We help you manage your schedule, bookings and payments, securely and automatically.
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Forget about the boring stuff

You do what you love – teaching and playing music. We do everything else – we manage the bookings, the rescheduling, the payments, and even the lesson plans.

Maximum flexibility for more freedom and the best teaching experience

Teach at home, in the studio, at the student’s home or live online. We enable you to provide the best teaching experience and maximum freedom of choice.

Help your students grow

We provide you with the tools to record your lesson notes and assign homework for your students or share sheets of notes to support their progress.

Join our growing

Advance your skills

Whether you’re just about to begin or want to take your skills to the next level, you can improve with us.

Find the right lessons for you

Matchspace offers piano, guitar, violin, drums, singing lessons and many more in different musical genres.

Choose your schedule and pace

You get to decide what time and how many lessons fit your schedule.

Continue in times of physical distancing

Continue your lessons in times of physical distancing with individual live online lessons.

Features of Matchspace

Find the teacher that suits your needs

Qualified and engaged teachers are waiting to share their passion and skills with you. 

Spend less and get more

Every teacher is verified by Matchspace to ensure a high standard of quality and integrity.

Transparent and reliable

Matchspace offers full transparency on lesson experience and a personalised search so you can find your best fit.

Lessons are available in person and online

You can arrange your classes at the student’s or teacher’s home, studio, or online on your favourite app.

Get started in only 3 steps

Learning music has never been so easy.


Create your profile

Matchspace checks all teachers and courses to ensure a high quality standard and trustworthiness.


Find your course and the right teacher

Finding a course and teacher has never been easier. Set your search criteria and find your course.


Book the desired number of lessons

Choose when and how many lessons you want to book. Matchspace takes care of the secure payment processing and booking administration.

Your questions

Everyone who teaches on Matchspace must demonstrate high levels of expertise, a passion for teaching, and the ability to connect with students. Every lesson or course submitted to Matchspace is reviewed to make sure it meets these three quality standards: expertise, passion for teaching, and connection. Once published, a lesson must continue upholding these standards to ensure that it meets students’ expectations. Learn more about the qualification requirements for teachers here.

If you don’t have a Matchspace account yet, go to Matchspace and click ‘Sign Up’. You can sign up using your email address, Facebook account, or Google account. Signing up and creating a Matchspace account is free.

When you book a lesson on Matchspace, you’re committing to take a lesson with a teacher, at the teacher’s home, at a studio or at your own home. Each teacher has their own teaching philosophy, schedule preferences, educational background and practical experience. Read through their profiles or apply search filters to find the right teacher and lesson for your needs and preferences. If you’re unsure about what musical instrument would suit you best, take our test to find out. Most teachers offer free trial lessons, so you can try out how their teaching works for you before committing to more lessons. You can book single or recurring lessons. Some teachers also offer courses that consist of a predefined number of lessons.

  1. Complete your profile

Complete your profile before you request a lesson with a teacher, so they know a little bit about you when they confirm. Your profile should include information about your interest in playing music, your level and what you want to learn.

  1. Find the right teacher and lesson

With teachers in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, and Winterthur (more cities to follow), you’ll want to make sure the teacher and lesson you choose meets your needs and preferences. 

When searching for a teacher or lesson, you can search courses using the search bar or enter specific search criteria to filter courses that meet your needs. Read teachers’ profiles and lesson descriptions and students’ reviews to see if it’s the right fit for you.

  1. Book it!

You’ve found the perfect teacher and lesson, and now it’s time to make it official. You can book single lessons as you go, or book recurring lessons for as many weeks out as available to secure your preferred day and time.

Paying through Matchspace guarantees secure payment from students to teachers, protects our students and teachers against short-term cancellations, scams, makes students eligible for refunds, helps us to maintain our services and provide customer support for students and teachers. 

Don’t send them money and let us know. We’ll never ask you to pay for anything outside of our site, through email, or through a third-party booker. If you paid for your lesson outside of Matchspace (for example, a wire or bank transfer), you may have paid for a fraudulent booking. To get help, let us know immediately.

Report requests for offsite payment

If a Matchspace teacher on the Matchspace site asks you to pay off site or through another company, report it to us

You won’t receive a paper or PDF invoice from a teacher or Matchspace asking you for payment. If a teacher uses any of these terms, report them: direct payment, cash payment, or wire transfer.

To report an email

If you receive an email from anyone (including an or any other email address) asking you to pay or accept payment offsite, let us know immediately.

Types of scams

Always examine emails claiming to be from Matchspace carefully. Never share your email address with anyone outside the Matchspace platform.

Examples of common scams include:

  • Advance Fee Scam: Advance Fee Scam: Someone offers to pay you, or give you something, if you pay through a service outside Matchspace.
  • Phishing Scam: Someone sends an email or link that looks like it’s from Matchspace or another trusted site. These messages are designed to trick you into providing confidential information such as passwords or other email addresses. Phishing messages may contain malware, which is malicious software that gains access to your computer to gather your personal information, including passwords.
  • Overpayment Scam: Someone offers to pay a teacher more than the price of the lesson, and then asks the teacher to give them cash to cover the difference.
  • Third-Party Booking Scam: Someone offers to reserve and pay for a Matchspace listing through their third-party website or service, often claiming to have a Matchspace coupon or discount. These reservations are typically paid for using stolen credit cards

Note: Any bookings that are made outside of Matchspace violate our Terms of Use. If we identify that a booking was made through a third-party service, we may cancel the booking and deactivate both the teacher’s and student’s account.

If you need to make a change to a confirmed lesson, you can submit a reschedule request to your teacher.

To reschedule a lesson:

  1. In the Matchspace app, go to Appointments and choose your lesson.
  2. Tap Edit Appointment and select Reschedule.
  3. Tap on New Date and select the date you want to reschedule for (only available slots will be visible).
  4. Select action to perform when the other party rejects the change.
  5. Tap on Finalize Request to inform the teacher about your reschedule request. 
If you cancel a lesson, your refund amount is determined by Matchspace’ cancellation policy. For any cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice the student will be charged the full lesson price. Cancellations with more than 24 hours’ notice can be rescheduled at no extra charge. Matchspace will credit the student the amount of the lesson fee as Matchspace credit. This credit can be redeemed by the student against future lesson bookings. ‘No-shows’ are treated the same as cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice, i.e. students will be charged the full lesson price.

If your lesson is cancelled by your teacher, we’ll automatically give you a full refund. You’ll receive an email confirming the full refund with a link to check on the status. You can always contact us if you need further help.

There are two opportunities to earn coupons:

  • Invite a friend: You earn coupons when the friend you invited books a lesson.
  • Refer a teacher: You earn coupons when your referral signs up as a teacher. 

Your invited friend or referred teacher will also receive a coupon that can be redeemed against any future lesson booking. To earn coupons, send a referral link to your friends or teachers to join Matchspace. You find the referral links in the main menu of our Matchspace App (‘Invite Friends’ and ‘Refer a Teacher’). Your coupons will show up automatically on the checkout page of any future lesson booking.

For more questions visit our Help Center. If you have a question that we have not yet answered, write to us.

Start living
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Start living
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